Must-see views of the bridge

You can’t visit San Francisco without visiting the Golden Gate Bridge! I’ve spent long hours walking, biking & driving around to get different angles of the Golden Gate Bridge. Honestly the views are endless!! I’ll share a few must see angles and their map pin in this post.

The Golden Gate Overlook

This is a great spot to checkout the bridge. It is seldom crowded and ample free/paid parking spots can be found close by. You can either park close by and walk in or take the hiking trails. The views are prettier in the afternoon or closer to the sunset, with the bridge being lit.

Baker's & Marshall's

Bakers beach is a good spot for catching the sunset & views of the Golden Gate Bridge. Marshall’s is the closest one to the Golden Gate Bridge and requires some effort to get to and the hike is steep when returning.

Visitor Center

This would be the most easily accessible spot by any tourist and therefore expect some crowds here. This spot is dedicated to describe the stories of the Golden Gate Bridge and offers a few good views of the bridge. You can find souvenir’s at the welcome center plaza.

Battery Spencer

This spot offers close-up view of the Golden Gate Bridge stretching into San Francisco. This is North of SF and a bit of a drive and potentially difficulty finding parking, but worth it. Note: You’d pay a $9.00 toll if you have to enter SF from the North.

My Favourite Spot!

I have seen the bridge from a few different places and this was by far my favourite view! There is a Fort below the bridge and you can look up from Fort Point. Its pretty easy to get there and there’s an advantage: you can find plenty of parking spots here!

This list could be endless! I’ll try to update this page as I find more spots and have a picture for it. Thanks!